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Kingtrader is no longer free. What alternatives are there?

KingTrader, the trading software for Betfair is no longer free, but are there any alternatives?

Bang Bang Bets: the new online trading software

No installation required, only Internet access and a Betfair account.

Bang Bang Bets is your new ally to trade using only a web browser, such as Google Chrome.

Wagertool, a software developed by professional traders

Wagertool® was created by a team of engineers, designers and professional traders to meet the needs of sports betting professionals, presenting intuitive and practical solutions.

Plain strategies with expected positive value

A plain strategy takes advantage of the imperfections of the market.
We call this technique "plain" because the used tactic is always the same for every match.
There are plain strategies in bets, but are they worth?

Trading Software

The main advantage of using software is the speed with which you can enter/modify/cancel orders, compared to the Betfair site.

Additionally, software such as BetAngel has certain characteristics that are essential for some specific trading strategies.


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