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The easiest way to earn Academy points

is to open an account with a bookmaker via an Academy link

 Click and open an account

 Deposit and bet

 Submit your account

Open your account in one or more bookmakers by clicking the name of bookmaker in the table below. It will open a new window. That’s where you should open your account.

Please note: only accounts opened by academy links will be approved.

Deposit and place a bet of at least €5 on this bookmaker. Only then can we validate your account.

[We recommend that the value of your 1st bet allows you to win the maximum welcome bonus at this Bookmaker]

Submit your account in the table below providing the information we ask you.

After validation, take advantage of the level you just reached!

To make sure that your account is opened through the Academy:

  • clear browser cookies ( learn more );
  • disable AdBlock (if you have it installed).

By submitting your account details, you are expressly allowing our site to check with the operator whether the account has been opened from our sites and whether or not bets have already been placed.

Bookmakers - Click on the links in this table and submit your accounts

By opening your bookmaker accounts through our links you are contributing to the growth of the community.

The partnership the Academy has with these Bookmakers allows free access to the entire site.

For each partner, the points awarded for opening an account are marked. Please note that, for some of these partners, points may not be awarded.

There are no bookmakers available for registration at this moment (location detected: US)
Payment methods - Click on the links in this table and submit your accounts
There are no payment methods available for registration at this moment (location detected: US)
see bonus other ways to earn points
1 point/
just. tip

Prove you’re a great tipster

Make your best tips and justify them.

(150 characters minimum)

Only justifications that add value to the tip will be accepted. Improper/repeated use of justifications is punished by nullifying all points earned with justified tips. Management may decide to apply more severe sanctions.
10 points/

Test your knowledge

Academy points will unlock access to our course.

Take the final tests of each level and pass with flying colours.

Each test has 10 questions. You have to get at least 5 right to pass. You get as many points as the questions you get right.
  • Test level 1
  • Test level 2
  • Test level 3
  • Test level 4

Follow the Academy

Follow all the news and articles of your interest.

to the Academy with Facebook. It is much faster and you get 10 points.

10 points/

Invite friends to Academy

For each registration, you earn points and your friends too! You have 3 ways to get registrations.


Share the Academy registration link.


Share an Academy invitation on your wall.

100 points/
level 3

Create content for the Academy

Contribute with written or video articles.

Send us your idea.

1 point/

Submit images

Help the Academy complete the missing images.

Upload club logos and player or stadium images.

!!! points

Participate in occasional contests

Wait the next Academy contest.

Stay tuned to our facebook.

Earn more points

Do you want immediate access to all blocked content?

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121.61$ 20%
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You can earn free points by openning a bookmaker account or by completing our challenges!