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To make a profit on betting you need to gain an advantage over bookmakers. How does this happen? Bookmakers usually have more knowledge about the possibility of a particular event than the bettor. This is because they have access to all the information available on the market and therefore know what value to give to a bet. So, you can and should complement your qualitative analyses with aspects that will be essential to your success in betting, such as statistics.

Qualitative analysis and statistical analysis

Qualitative analyses are the result of a daily study, which is done throughout the week watching sports programs, reading updated news about the teams, being aware of news, transfers, rumors behind the scenes, etc. It is this detailed knowledge of the teams that will allow you to evaluate all the factors that can influence the outcome of a game, to calculate the fair odd.

The difference between a professional and someone who bets for fun is the ability to complement qualitative analysis with statistical data. While statistics don't tell you the correct outcome of a game, they help greatly to decrease the likelihood of losing money. No sport is an exact science, but the risk that is involved in a bet can be diminished with an in-depth analysis of statistical data. Not everyone can complement their analyses with the incorporation of statistical data, but it's very important that you try to do so.

Use statistics to know the teams

In sports betting, statistics are one of the most important tools you can use. Mastering them is very important to become a successful bettor. It's critical to know the teams you're going to bet on, because it's harder to make money consistently by betting on teams you haven't even heard of.

You can check the list of today matches Livescores to see the scheduled matches of the day or the following days and take the maximum advantage of our statistical analysis to get to know the teams better. Through the qualitative analysis of various statistical indicators, you can better base your predictions, because good bettors use statistical data to create a better reasoned opinion about the teams.

Use statistical analysis to bet

At the Betting Academy Kenya, after selecting the desired match in Livescores, you will have access to an area reserved for statistics only. It has a simple and intuitive layout, which will allow you to analyze some important numbers.

Add your statistical analysis to your qualitative analysis and calculate what you consider to be the fair odd. Then you can compare that odd with those that are available at the different bookmakers via the "odds" tab on the match statistics page, where you still have a graph with the variation of odds over time. Don't waste time browsing different sites, Betting Academy Kenya shows you the best odds out there!

As they say, time is money!

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