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A bookmaker is where you can place a bet.

There are physical betting houses and online bookmakers. On online bookmakers it's convenient and quick to place a bet.

Most online bookmakers have a large number of sports to bet on and different ways to bet available.


There are many houses that give you free money to bet in exchange for your registration.

A great incentive to start things going!

There are no bookmakers available for registration at this moment (location detected: US)

Betting exchange

A betting exchange is where you can exchange bets with other traders - the second phase of your journey.

Trading consists of buying and selling bets as if you were in a stock exchange.

There is software to facilitate and expedite bets in a betting exchange.

deposit / withdrawal methods

In addition to the traditional means of making deposits and withdrawals
(bank transfer, credit card, or even ATM, in some bookmakers) there are also electronic wallets (e-wallets). We recommend
its use because, in general, it allows you to save money on fees.


This is the procedure that we consider to be the most economical:




Deposit money in your electronic wallet by bank transfer.

Transfer money from the electronic wallet to the Bookmaker or Betting Exchange. Place your bets and transfer your winnings from the Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges to your electronic wallet.

Withdrawal money from the electronic wallet by bank transfer or, if you are a frequent user, ask for a credit card from that e-wallet.

There are no bookmakers available for registration at this moment (location detected: US) 2nd phase - being a trader