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The main markets to bet on volleyball

The main markets to bet on volleyball
We'll show you how the main volleyball betting markets work.
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As much as the results market in football (1x2) is the one that concentrates the largest amount of money in bets, there are others that, in parallel, have the preference of several bettors, such as the corner and card market. It is possible to extract good profit with bets of this type, which is why we will talk a little more about them in this article.

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Any bet that is made, the importance of a complete evaluation of the teams is clear, in addition to having a database with statistics and information about everything that surrounds the match. This is one of the ways to find an advantage and win a bet, as the market is very competitive and with room for few mistakes.

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Volleyball is a sport that has the admiration of thousands of fans around the world, and betting is no different. Doubts always arise in those who want to start betting on this modality, and as we like to help and make life easier for players, we created this article, pointing out the main volleyball markets, as well as some important tips.
Globalization and professionalization itself have made volleyball very competitive in recent years, especially in competitions considered top in the world. Although the title is focused on the favorites, many games are won in an extremely hard-fought way, with little difference in points. Therefore, it is not possible to base only on who is appointed to win the match, it is necessary to look for information and statistics from the teams.
However, in national leagues there will always be teams that are much more qualified than others, and they usually confirm favoritism. In this case, some markets can be better explored, in order to find better odds for the winner. One of them is the Handicap. In this market you will find “-1.5” for the team that has the favouritism, and “+1.5” for the team considered the least quoted to win the duel. This means that the “best” team has a disadvantage of 1.5 sets, that is, it needs to win the game by 2 sets of difference. As volleyball can last up to 5 sets, the favorite will need to win the game by 3x1 or 3x0. Obviously the odds will be much more advantageous, given the difficulty imposed, but it is a great way for you to have greater profits, if you trust that one of the teams is much more qualified than the other. Remembering that results like this are common in volleyball.
There is another market that is quite exclusive to volleyball, which is betting on the correct result of the match, but bookmakers do not open all the options. Usually three final results are offered, and it is up to the bettor to find where there is a better advantage, since it is possible to make similar bets in other markets, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, where the result can only be 3x1 or 3x0 for the favorite to win the Handicap In this correct set scores market, there will also be these scores available, but there may be slight differences in odds, so it's important to stay tuned.
But there are other options for betting on sets. You don't necessarily need to bet only on how the final result will be, as there is a market for sets results after the first 2 or 3 performed.
For example, taking the 2-set market, you can bet on whether the game will be 1v1 or 2x0. If it's in the 3-set market, you can bet on whether the match will be 2v1 or 3x0. Either of these results are offered to both teams, however the odds are quite different, especially when there is an all-time favorite to win the match.
Following live, the bookmaker will open the option of who will be the winner of a specific set. Before the match, it is possible to bet on who will win in the first set and, during the game, the house will offer the following sets. Another very interesting market to bet on is the winning margin of a set. If you are aware of the teams or are following their performance live, it is easier to diagnose how that set might end. That's why the bookmaker also offers this option.
For example, it is possible to bet whether Team A or Team B will win the set by:

2 points difference
3 to 4 points difference
5 to 7 points difference
8 to 11 points difference
Finally, if you don't want to bet on Handicap, or on Exclusive Sets markets, there will also be options on the Points markets.
In volleyball, it is possible to bet how many points one of the teams will make, adding up all the sets performed, or the total points that the game will have, in this case adding the scores of both teams. The bookmaker offers a score and you assess whether that team/or match is capable of producing more or less points than what is being offered.

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