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Differences in values between a bookmaker and a betting exchange

Differences in values between a bookmaker and a betting exchange
It is important to always assess which type of platform is most advantageous for your type of of bets.
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One of the biggest questions for a bettor is to choose the right place to place their funds and start placing their bets. What many people do not know, or know but do not have more detailed information, is that there are two ways to bet: through traditional bookmakers or through exchange betting houses. If you are unsure which of them has more value, or what advantages can be gained from them, we will try to help in this article.

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First of all, the preference evaluations or which one has the best advantages, depends a lot on the betting characteristics of a player, such as their strategies, markets they usually work, available fund, etc.

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The most traditional platforms, and where a large part of this universe is concentrated, are the bookmakers. In this case, they are companies that offer the probabilities, set the limits and make their profit through a small difference in these probabilities that are offered, which means that the odds in question do not extremely accurately reflect the real values ​​of a given event, and this adjustment is called a house's profit margin.
Betting exchange companies (betting exchanges or exchange houses) have some different characteristics. In this type of platform, the player does not necessarily need to be tied to that offered probability (as explained in bookmakers), and can even place the odd in which he believes or wants that bet to be validated.
Example, Real Madrid's victory is at an odd of 1.75. In a bookmaker you choose to bet or not, as you don't have the power to change that odd. In an exchange house, you have chances to offer this odd at 1.78, for example, if in your assessment of the Spanish team's victory it deserves this probability. In this case, you need the other bettors to accept to pay this amount, because in the exchange you bet against other bettors, not against the betting company. The company's function behind this is just to charge a commission in case you win the bet. However, you trade and buy or sell your shares against other players.
That's why, for the same match, the odds are different on these two types of platform. Real Madrid may be worth 1.75 in an exchange house, while in a traditional bookmaker it will be around 1.70. The difference lies precisely in the different characteristics and ways to obtain your profit margins.
But it is not because exchange houses offer better odds that it will necessarily be more advantageous. It all depends on your strategies and way of betting. In it you won't have a limit to bet like in a bookmaker, but that doesn't mean that you can bet the amount you want, because you need to have that amount matched.
As explained in the previous paragraph, you can even change the odd that is being offered at that moment, but you will need another bettor to buy for that amount. The same goes for the volume bet, as there is no point in arriving with a truckload of money to bet, if that market is not having liquidity, that is, if the rest of the bettors are not placing the desired amount of money.
Therefore, in an exchange, you have the power to negotiate the result of an event with other bettors, in addition to betting for or against this result, unlike the bookmaker, in which you can only bet in favor of the offered probability, in addition to not being able to modify it. However, in the first option you need to pay a commission from your profits, unlike traditional houses, where the total amount earned is returned to your account.

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