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Former Minister of Spain founds eSports club at 72

Former Minister of Spain founds eSports club at 72
Celia Villalobos, former Minister of Spain, founded an eSports club at the age of 72.
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This week, the world of eSports had gratifying news for the sport. Former Spanish Minister Celia Villalobos founded an eSports club at the age of 72. Celia Villalobos served as Minister of Health and Food in Spain from 2000 to 2002. However, Villalobos' political journey came from earlier times, since between 1995 and 2000 Celia had been mayor of Malaga.

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Now, Celia Villalobos decided to enter the world of eSports from the foundation of her team, Screen Wolves. Acting as main CEO, Celia will be at the forefront of her eSports organization, being fully responsible for the team's project. In publicizing her new journey, Villalobos presented a video in which she played and talked about her career in these 72 years of life.

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For now, only confirmation of the organization's creation has been revealed. It is not yet known in which modalities the Screen Wolves team will play in eSports competitions. However, during the presentation video of the launch of her organization, Celia commented on a passage in her life that marked her political trajectory: "I have always been in the spotlight. Criticism, mockery, censorship ... A life marked by a single moment. A moment that it almost made me forget what I liked."
According to speculation, the quote by Villalobos refers to the period of 2015. The "only moment" could have happened that year, as Celia had been caught playing Candy Crush on her mobile while she was acting as vice president of the Parliament of Spain.


The e-sports market has grown sharply in recent years. According to information, the eSports industry and modalities involved, such as game streaming, could grow by up to 70% in the next four years. According to experts, the eSports market will move around US $ 3.5 million by the year 2025, more than the current US $ 2.1 billion annually.
Within this research, it is still predicted that the value of the industry will be greatly boosted through subscriptions to streaming and advertising platforms.
Thus, the eSports market will still bring expansions to other areas, such as the right to broadcast live events, along with ticket sales.
According to experts, the audience for electronic sports is expected to reach more than 1 billion viewers by the year 2025, with a projection of reaching 800 million by the end of this year (2021). However, the Asia-Pacific region is one of the regions that stands out the most in these aspects, keeping 50% of the eSports audience. Meanwhile, Latin America is another region that clearly stands out in the eSports industry.
According to one of the researchers in the study, "Successful streaming platforms will be those that can address differences in geographic regions, including streamers and popular games locally at eSports events."
For example, in Brazil, the competitive scenario of League of Legends, the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends (CBLoL), had an increase in its audience of 34% compared to last year. Still on the number of spectators, CBLoL managed to beat its own record, with 336 thousand simultaneous spectators in a single match.
Through a troubled year in 2020, where traditional modalities were left out of their activities, eSports came to welcome the competitive world. In this way, the electronic sports sector has received gigantic notoriety in recent months, managing to show itself present and strong in competitive issues around the world.

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