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ESports Betting: Wednesday 13/01/21

ESports Betting: Wednesday 13/01/21
Find everything you're looking for to bet on eSports this Wednesday!
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Follow this card with the best eSports betting tips for this Wednesday, January 13th. Today, we have selected a match in the competitive scenario of Counter-Stirke: Global Offensive and three in League of Legends. Starting with the CS: GO Showmatch competition, we will have the meeting between BIG x Ninjas in Pajamas. In League of Legends, for LPL Spring 2021 - Group Stage (Week 1-5), we will have the battles between LNG Esports x Invictus Gaming and Team World Elite x Victory Five. To conclude, still in LoL, for LCK Spring 2021 - Group Stage, we will have the dispute between Hanwha Life Esports x DragonX. (these articles are announced first hand on Telegram - HERE)! Another day with a varied card in several games

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CS:GO | Showmatch - BIG vs Ninjas in Pyjamas:
Both the BIG team and Ninjas in Pajamas present themselves for this confrontation, for Showmatch, with losses in their respective recent history. BIG recently lost to Team Liquid by 2x0, while Ninjas in Pajamas has been for three matches without a win, having taken hits against Heroic (2x1), BIG (2x1) and Cloud9 (2x0). For this match under analysis, we believe that the highest probability of victory lies with the BIG team.

League of Legends | LPL Spring 2021 - Group Stage (Week 1-5) - LNG Esports vs Invictus Gaming:
After being defeated by Edward Gaming, the LNG Esports team managed to turn things around and score four straight wins over Rogue Warriors (2x0), LGD Gaming (2x0), Dominus Esports (2x0) and Legend Esports Gaming (1x0) ). Invictus Gaming, which had lost to Team World Elite, overcame their difficulties and scored victories over Royal Never Give Up and JD Gaming. For this confrontation under analysis, we believe that a third map of disputes will not be necessary.

League of Legends | LPL Spring 2021 - Group Stage (Week 1-5) - Team World Elite vs Victory Five:
After suffering a loss in a match against Top Esports 3x0, the Team World Elite team managed to beat Rogue Warriors 2x0 in their last confrontation. The Victory Five squad, who had beaten TT Gaming by 1x0, ended up being obliterated by JD Gaming by 3x1. In this match under review, we believe that a third confrontation map will not be needed.

League of Legends | LCK Spring 2021 - Group Stage - Hanwha Life vs DragonX:
Both the Hanwha Life Esports team and DragonX present themselves for this battle with losses on their respective recent history. Hanwha Life Esports recently lost to DAMWON Gaming 3x1, while DragonX has been down for two matches in a row, taking hits from SANDBOX Gaming and Nongshim RedForce.



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